We’ve received lots of lovely comments from schools and just wanted to share a few of them. Great to know that the idea has been welcomed. Hopefully next year even more schools will hear about us and get involved!

“Firstly can I say what a fantastic idea. We have a number of girls each year who struggle with keeping up with the expense of Prom. Can I please ask for 8 invites please. These girls are all in receipt of pupil premium and a couple have said they cannot afford to go even though we have waived their ticket cost.”

[Director of Learning, school in Hemel Hempstead

“Thank you very much for your email, this sounds like such a fantastic idea! I am sure we may have some students who would be in need.

[Pastoral team, school in Luton]

“Thank you for your email – what an exciting project!”

[Participation Officer, Virtual School]

“Thank you for the email regarding the prom dresses, it sounds like an amazing idea.”

[school in Bedfordshire]

“What a great initiative this is – such a lovely thing to do.”

[school in Hertfordshire]

“We were sent an email publishing the service that you offer to disadvantaged students to enable them to have and enjoy the prom experience.

I cannot tell you how welcome this is. As a school we do all we can to support our students using Pupil Premium funding but there are limits. Currently all of Year 11 are talking about their forthcoming prom and there are several girls whose families cannot afford it or are not interested. We have four girls who are planning on not attending for this reason.

It would mean the world to them if they could attend your pop up shop and get their prom dresses and all that goes with it. Thank you for running such a fantastic project.”

[Assistant Headteacher, school in Hertfordshire]

“I think it is a brilliant idea and the fact that you don’t take names, etc, is also good for us.”

[Head of Year 11, school in Bedfordshire]

“I have heard about your project ‘All Dressed Up’ and it sounds absolutely amazing!”

[Assistant Head of Year 11, school in Bedfordshire]

“I have a few girls from my cohort of Year 11s who would definitely appreciate an invite to your pop up shop. Thank you.”

[Head of Year 11, school in St Albans, Herts]

“Can I firstly say, what a great initiative this is – such a lovely thing to do. Could we have 10 invites for our school please?”

[Head of Year 11, school in St Albans, Herts]

“Thank you very much for your communications regarding All Dressed Up.  This is a wonderful project and it was great to hear about it.”

[Pastoral Lead, school In Bedfordshire]

“I would like to say thank you for spotting this issue – such a good idea!”

[Head of Year 11, school in Hertfordshire]